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Waynesburg College Alumni

Alumni rosters for graduating classes 1852-1938. Each student is linked to profile information such as photographs, matriculation cards, school catalogs, and other biographical material that has been digitized for the Greene Connections Archives Project.

Waynesburg University Archives

We want to thank the staff of the Waynesburg University Paul R. Stewart Museum, the Waynesburg University Office of Institutional Advancement, and the Waynesburg University President’s Office for allowing us to digitize and share many of the early alumni photographs and records presented here. For records related to more recent classes, please contact these offices directly.

In addition to official school records, these archives have been supplemented with the collections shared by alumni families, local repositories, and the Greene County community.

Archival Collections

These links provide broad access to the thousands of early Waynesburg College items shared with the Greene Connections Archives Project. For tips to narrow these search results, see our Archives guide.

Matriculation Cards

Matriculation card of Elizabeth Wilson Crawford
Class of 1853

About: Dr. Paul R. Stewart, President of Waynesburg College 1921-1963, as part of his effort to preserve the college’s history, created the Matriculation Cards prior to 1934 - the date stamped on the earliest cards. A card was created for each Waynesburg College graduate, beginning with the Class of 1852, and was completed by the graduate or by the family members of graduates who had already passed away. These cards may include family information, additional education, career, and vital statistics such as birth, death, and burial.

Physical location: Office of Institutional Advancement, Miller Hall, 51 W. College St., Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370.

School Catalogs

Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Waynesburg College for the Scholastic Year, 1871-72.

About: The annual catalogs include full lists of enrolled students with their hometowns. Often maiden names, married names, and early deaths are also noted. These lists are critical to researchers interested in students who did not graduate because these scholars are generally not included in the additional documents created for alumni.

Alumni are also included in the catalogs, listed by graduation year with profession and current residence.

Each catalog itemizes tuition rates, school rules, classes required and available, a description of Waynesburg, travel options, boarding options, and more. The evolving status of female education is noteworthy as the school made history by offering early equal coeducation despite controversy.

Physical location: Waynesburg University Paul R. Stewart Museum, Miller Hall, 51 W. College St., Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370.

Years: 1855 | 1856 | 1857 | 1858 | 1865 | 1868 | 1872