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Thousands of family and local history archival items such as photographs, letters, Bibles, diaries, Justice of the Peace dockets, maps, newspapers, and more have been shared by families and repositories with the Greene Connections Archives Project.

Search the Archives

Use the search tips and indexes below to navigate the Archives.

SEARCH BY COLLECTION to find items shared by a specific donor:

  • Scroll through the Collections list to access each record set.
  • Or use the Archives search box, by typing the title of the collection or the donor's name.

SEARCH BY FAMILY to find items related to a specific family.

  • Use the Surname Index below.
  • Or use the Archives search box, by typing the surname and the word family, such as “Smith family.”

SEARCH BY LOCATION to find items that are related to a particular place:

  • Use the Subject Index below to find locations. Look for townships and communities. More specific locations such as cemeteries, churches, or schools will be filed under the township or community where they are located.
  • Or use the Archives search box, by typing the name of the community, such as Rogersville or “Center Township.” You can also type the names of specific locations, such as “Rosemont Cemetery” or the "Messenger Building."

SEARCH BY PERSON to find items related to a specific person.

  • Use the Surname Index below.
  • Or use the Archives search box, by typing last name first, such as "Bell, Margaret."
  • Identified women are filed under their maiden names.

SEARCH BY SUBJECT to find items based on keywords like occupations, pastimes, sports, and more.

  • Use the Subject Index below.
  • Or use the Archives search box, by typing keywords. Put quotes around phrases, such as "Civil War" or "Log Cabin."

Subject Index

Use these search terms to navigate the Archives. This list of subjects is NOT complete.

Surname Index

Search the Archives by surname. This list of family names is NOT complete.

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