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Thousands of family and local history archival items such as photographs, letters, Bibles, diaries, Justice of the Peace dockets, maps, newspapers, and more have been shared by families and repositories with the Greene Connections Archives Project.

Search the Archives

Once you enter the Greene Connections Archives, use the Search Box to type your search terms. See the search strategies and subject headings below to help navigate the archives.

Include quotations around any combinations of two or more keywords that you want found together.

  • SEARCH BY COLLECTION: To find items shared by a specific donor:
    • Type the title of the collection or the donor's name, such as “John Robert Rice Collection”.
    • You can also scroll through the Collections list.
  • SEARCH BY FAMILY: To find items related to a specific family:
    • Type the surname and the word family, such as, “Smith family”.
  • SEARCH BY LOCATION: To find items that are related to a particular place:
    • Search by community, such as, Rogersville or “Center Township”.
    • Search for specific locations such as “Rosemont Cemetery” or "Messenger Building".
  • SEARCH BY PERSON: To find items related to a specific person:
    • Type last name first, such as, "Bell, Margaret".
    • Fine-tune your search results by including a middle initial or middle name, such as, "Bell, Margaret K" or "Bell, Margaret Kerr".
    • Identified women are filed under their maiden names. However, just in case a woman is unidentified or only partially identified, it is wise to also do a separate search for her under her married name to be sure that no clues are missed.
  • SEARCH BY SUBJECT HEADING: To find items based on keywords like fashions, occupations, pastimes, sports, and more, see the Subject Headings list below for the most recent list of tags we associate with archival items. Copy the subject heading of interest into the search box and add quotes around it.

If you have difficulty finding anything in the Archives, please contact us.

Subject Headings

This list of subject headings in NOT complete, but may be used to help inspire and structure search terms that will help you navigate the vast collections in the Greene Connections Archives Project.

Video Demonstration