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Geographical directory of 400+ local cemeteries organized by township with links to annotated burial records, photographs, WPA maps, etc. that have been digitized for the Greene Connections Archives Project.

Franklin Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania

(Including Marion Township and Waynesburg)

We need your help to match (1) WPA Cemetery Plats created in the 1930s; (2) Dorothy Hennen, Cemetery Records of Greene County, Pennsylvania, 12 volumes (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania: Cornerstone Genealogical Society, 1975-1979), which is available to view or buy at the Cornerstone Genealogical Society; and (3) Find a Grave cemetery entries. Some cemeteries are listed in only one resource and cannot be matched, but many appear in all three resources and need to be accurately connected. Numerous family cemeteries in Greene County have the same name, are known by assorted names, or have no name at all. Research into property ownership through Courthouse Records, Maps, and more, may be required. If you know the location of a cemetery and can help to correctly identify it, please email

Unmatched WPA Maps

Clark Cemetery

Dulaney Cemetery

Gordon Cemetery I

Gordon Cemetery II

Gordon Cemetery III

Greene County Poor Farm Cemetery (a/k/a County Home Cemetery)

Hawkins Cemetery (a/k/a Sellers Cemetery)

Higgins Cemetery

Hill’s Schoolhouse Cemetery

Inghram Cemetery I

Inghram Cemetery II

Jacobs Cemetery

Jacobs Farm Cemetery

Mapel Cemetery

Morrisville Cemetery

Rhodes Farm Cemetery (Grave of Robert Morris)

Rinehart Cemetery I

Rinehart Cemetery II

Rinehart Cemetery III

Rinehart Cemetery IV

Saint Ann’s Roman Catholic Church Cemetery

Seals Cemetery

Staggers Cemetery

Watters Cemetery

White's Church Cemetery

Wood Cemetery

Zimmers Cemetery