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Thousands of family and local history archival items such as photographs, letters, Bibles, diaries, Justice of the Peace dockets, maps, newspapers, and more have been shared by families and repositories with the Greene Connections Archives Project.

Navigate Collections and Series

This list is intended to help navigate our vast archives by collection. Each collection is further broken down into series and subseries to help you get directly to the items of interest.

  • Collection titles generally reflect the name of the original owner, though donor names or other identifications may also be used on a case-by-case basis.
  • Series and subseries titles more specifically identify the actual contents of the collection.

Collections and series are NOT limited to the names or subjects identified in their titles.

Collections List

Candace (Leckey) McPheron Collection

Candice Lynn Buchanan Collection

Carl Headlee Collection

Carolyn (Staggers) Andersen Collection

Carrie Belle (Stewart) Smith Collection

Catherine Miranda (Staggers) Bowlby Collection

Cemetery Plat (WPA) Collection

Charles R. Murphy Collection

Charles Raymond Frye Jr. Collection

  • FRYE-AN001: Frye
  • FRYE-AN002: McVay

Charles Wood Ganiear and Lori Melanie (Campo) Ganiear Collection

Cherry Alley Antiques Collection

Christine Potts Collection

  • KRAM-AN001-0001: Kramer Album

Clara (Pettit) Lohr Collection

  • PETT: Pettit

Clarence Lee Richard Porter Collection

  • PORT: Porter

Cornerstone Genealogical Society Collection

Edmund Kimmell Fogg IV Collection

Edna Ruth (Watson) Filer Collection

  • KEYS-AN001-0001: Keys Album 1

Elizabeth Florence (Patton) (Vickers) Teasdale Collection

Elizabeth Jane (Davis) (Rex) Morris

Elizabeth Jane (Fry) Huffman Collection

Elizabeth Martin (Lucas) (Overturf) Osborn Collection

  • LUCS: Lucas

Elizabeth Taylor Collection

Ella Ruth (Bowler) Turner Collection

Elwood Garret Watson Collection

Eric Shane Patton Collection

Garnet (Watson) Bristor Collection

George and Mary (Warrick) Ely Collection

Glenn Jacob Roy Thornton Toothman III Collection

Greene County Courthouse Collection

Greene County Historical Society Collection

Harold Frederic Beyer and Anna Wilson (Miller) Beyer Collection

Harold T. Closser Collection

Helen Jane (Allen) Madden Collection

  • MADD-AN001: Brock
  • MADD-AN002: Finnell
  • MADD-AN003: Hare
  • MADD: Miscellaneous

Helen Lee (Garrison) Thompson Collection

Helen Mae (Jacobs) Fonner Collection

Henry Clay Sayers Jr. Collection

Holbrook Christian Church Collection

Howard Hickman Collection

  • HICK-AN001: Waychoff
  • HICK-AN002: Hickman

James A. Boyer Collection

  • BOYE-AN001: Coughanour Album
  • BOYE-AN002: Coughanour

James Albert Garrettson Collection

James Arthur Fenske Collection

James Edward Williamson Collection

James Warren Elms Collection

  • ELMS: Elms

James Weinschenker Collection

Jane (Day) Huston Collection

Janet Lorraine (Adams) Jensen Collection

Jennifer Lynn Davidson Collection

Jerry Blue Collection

Jerry Wayne & Betsy (Bennett) Day Collection

  • DAYB-AN001: Day
  • DAYB-AN002: Frye

Jesse A. Stewart Collection

  • LONG-AN001: Baily
  • LONG-AN002: Long
  • LONG-AN003: Garard

Jessica Isabelle (Rees) Huston Collection

  • REES: Rees

Joan (Moore) Bell Collection

Joanne Christina Walton Collection

John Corbly Gregg Collection

John Jacoby Collection

John Robert Rice Collection

John Slayter Buchanan Collection

Josephine (Rhodes) Rayburn Collection

  • RAYB-AN001: Rhodes
  • RAYB-AN002: Eaton
  • RAYB-AN003: Keigley
  • RAYB-AN004: Rayburn

Josephine Denny Collection

  • DENN: Denny
  • DENN-AN002: Adams (+ Series combined with related collections.)

Katherine (Myers) Grimes Collection

Katherine Jane (Throckmorton) Toothman Collection

Kathleen (Varner) Teagarden Collection

Keith Riggle Collection

  • RIGK-AN001: Morris

Kenneth Buck Collection

Kimberly (Walker) Brownlee Collection

Kristin (Larsen) Fischer Collection

Lanny Grim Collection

Lawrence Headley Collection

Lewis Dunreath Miller Collection

  • MILL-AN001: Miller

Lewis Perry and Nora Etta (Kuhn) Riggle Collection

Lightner-Clutter Collection

Linda (Parshall) Lemley Collection

Lisa Swartz Collection

Lois (Morris) Gdovin Collection

  • RIGG-AN001: Morris
  • RIGG-AN002: Mills

Loretta Rozenie (Ullom) Auten Collection

Lynne Gough Collection

Margaret Ellen (Ullom) Gunn Collection

Margaret (Goodwin) Emery Collection

  • EMER-AN001: Goodwin

Margaret Leah (Waddell) Baker Collection

Margaret Leonice (Needham) Still Collection

Margaret Minor (Cary) Smith Collection

Mariah “Mae” (Kent) Finch Collection

Marilyn (Brewer) Eichenlaub Collection

  • EICH-AN001: Brewer
  • EICH-AN002: Hickman

Mary Caroline (Mankey) Beddow Collection

Mary Elizabeth (Warner) Smith Collection

Mary Florence (Patton) Neeson Collection

Mary Jane (Dinsmore) Kent Collection

Mary Luna (Furman) Berryman Collection

Mary “Mamie” (Throckmorton) Bonham Collection

Mary (Vance) McCann Collection

Matt W. Cumberledge Collection

McNicholas Family Collection

Melvin Lee Toothman Collection

Monon Center Collection

Nancy (Bissett) Hostutler Collection

Nancy Lee (Johnson) Racunas Collection

  • RACU-AN001: Fordyce-Fox
  • RACU-AN002: Johnson-Parson

Nathan Birx Collection

Nellie Alice (Francis) Ewing Collection

Nellie Leo Collection

  • LEOS: Leo

Neva Elizabeth (Adamson) Rittgers Collection

  • RITG: Adamson

Noah Moore Collection

  • MOOR: Moore

Norma Jean Dinsmore Collection

Philip King Buchanan Collection

Pratt-Auld Collection

Publications Collection

Rachel (Jones) Hayward Collection

Raymond and Ruth Ann (Mitchell) Goodwin Collection

Raymond Stockdale Collection

Rev. John Harrison and Elizabeth (Throckmorton) Wood Collection

Rex and Irene Marie (Morgan) McVay Collection

Rhoda Frances (Crago) Brady Collection

Rices Landing Lock and Dam No. 6 Museum Collection

Richard and Beverly Krill Collection

Robert Charles Lucas Collection

Robert Silas and Eva Mae (Christie) Merrick Collection

Robert T. Haver Collection

Robert Walton Collection

Robin Arlene (Barb) Throckmorton Collection

Roger Glenn Doty Collection

Ron Parry Collection

Ronald Lemley Collection

Roy Huffman Collection

Russell Rinehart Collection

Ruth Cecilia (Morris) (Shultz) Minor Collection

Ruth (Corwin) Matakovich Collection

Samuel Harvey Collection

Samuel Scott Collection

Sarah Margaret (Varner) Closser Collection

Sarah Virginia (Elms) Simpson Collection

Scott and Teresa (Crouse) Roberts Collection

Sellers Burdette and Bettie (Blake) Carpenter Collection

  • CARP-AN001: Mason-Scott Album
  • CARP-AN002: Scott-Carpenter Album
  • CARP-AN003: Mason In process)
  • CARP-AN004: Scott (In process)
  • CARP-AN005: Carpenter
  • CARP-AN006: Meek (In process)
  • CARP-AN007: Community
  • CARP: Miscellaneous

Sharon Roxane (Smith) Palone Collection

Susan Joyce (Watson) Allen Collection

Suzanne Wylie Collection

Swan-Hughes Collection

Ted McClelland Collection

Terry Cole Collection

  • COLE-AN001: Cole (in process)
  • COLE-AN002-0001: Baseball
  • COLE-AN002-0002: Rifle Clubs
  • COLE-AN003-0001: Center Township
  • COLE-AN003-0002: Franklin Township
  • COLE-AN003-0003: Gilmore Township
  • COLE-AN003-0004: Jackson Township
  • COLE-AN003-0005: Wayne Township
  • COLE-AN003-0006: Waynesburg
  • COLE-AN004-0001: Farming
  • COLE-AN004-0002: Oil well drilling rigs
  • COLE-AN005: Tustin
  • COLE-AN006: Phillips
  • COLE-AN007: Taylor (in process)
  • COLE-AN008: Patterson
  • COLE-AN009: Strawn
  • COLE-AN010: Mariner
  • COLE-AN011: Kiger
  • COLE-AN012: Jones
  • COLE-AN013: Dulaney
  • COLE-AN014: Miscellaneous
  • COLE-AN015: Owned by Blanche (Phillips) Tustin

Thelma (White) Yeager Collection

Thomas and Bertha (Staggers) Scherich Collection

  • SCHE-AN001: Scherich
  • SCHE-AN002: Dinsmore
  • SCHE-AN003: Iams
  • SCHE-AN004: Staggers
  • SCHE-AN005: McCracken
  • SCHE-AN006: Parry

Thomas Headlee Collection

Walter Markiewich Postcard Collection

  • RUSH-AN001-0001: Center Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0002: Cumberland Township (in process)
  • RUSH-AN001-0003: Dunkard Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0004: Freeport Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0005: Gilmore Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0006: Jackson Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0007: Jefferson Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0008: Monongahela Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0009: Morgan Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0010: Perry Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0011: Morris and Washington Townships
  • RUSH-AN001-0012: Wayne Township
  • RUSH-AN001-0013: Waynesburg (in process)
  • RUSH-AN001-0014: Washington County

Wayne Carl Swart Collection

Waynesburg Borough Office Collection

Waynesburg University Paul R. Stewart Museum Collection

William Alfred Throckmorton Sr. Collection

William Francis Jacobs Collection

William Franklin Patterson Collection

William Hermon and Donna Faye (Yoders) Bennett Collection

  • BENN-AN001: Fry

William M. Baily Collection

Willis Ramsey Collection

  • RAMS: Ramsey