Use and Sharing of Greene Connections Archives

The most important and most courteous thing you can do any time that you access archival records shared by others is to give them credit. Please remember that All parties who have shared photographs, documents, and other ephemera, with Greene Connections have done so without compensation, in order to share these unique records with those who may be interested. These contributors and the Greene Connectionsvolunteers have shared their resources and their time with the expectation of fair and proper use.

Giving credit is easy. Here are two simple ways:

  1. Include a link back to the record. When you are on the web site page displaying the record that interests you, just go to the web site address bar at the top of your browser and copy the address. Paste it with the record anytime that you use and share it. If you have trouble pasting the address, you can include the project website instead.
  2. Create a very basic source citation such as:
    1. Roberts and Gregg family group photograph, Scott and Teresa (Crouse) Roberts Collection, Greene Connections Archives Project (
    2. You may add more detail to help researchers such as a link to the specific record’s page on the web site or it’s catalogue number. The information should be enough to both help someone find the original record if they want to learn more and also give a thank you shout out to the folks who made the record available.

Copyright and Other Restrictions That Apply to Public Distribution of Images

It is the intention of the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Archives Project to meet the level of historical records access demonstrated by such institutions as the Library of Congress and National Archives.

Our goal is to model the digital access and free sharing examples set by these institutions.

Likewise, we adhere to their policies of user-responsibility when it comes to Copyright and Other Restrictions That Apply to Public Distribution of Images.

Please see the Library of Congress policies regarding Copyright and Other Restrictions That Apply to Public Distribution of Images and apply them to all records made available through Greene Connections.

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