Finding the Women in Our History

By Candice Buchanan, Greene Connections Archivist

FINDING THE WOMEN IN OUR HISTORY – FEATURING GREENE COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA (LIBRARY OF CONGRESS VIDEO PRESENTATION): Watch and learn as we delve into the past with the women from our local history and family trees. Understand the challenges involved in uncovering their stories. Celebrate the details – big and small – that the records reveal about their lives, families, and communities.

This presentation focuses on Greene County, Pennsylvania, but the lessons learned from these local women will help us to find our female ancestors wherever they lived.

Surnames in the presentation case studies include: Bell, Bowlby, Boyd, Burbridge, Daugherty, Davis, Garber, Grinage, Grove, Hertzog, Hunnell, Kent, Lazear, Mariner, McDonald, Meek, Miller, Moore, Myers, Pyle, Rogers, Spragg, Staggers, Stephenson, Taylor, Titus, Wade, Wood, Workman, Worley.

More families are represented in the images. All images are available in the Greene Connections Archives.

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